Monday, January 1, 2018

Taylor's New Year's Eve Reflection

On this the last day of 2017 I would like to challenge us all in this new year to see people for what they are sons and daughters of God the father, saved and redeemed by Christ Jesus. Not liberal or conservative, white or black, enemy or friend, poor or rich, one religious flavor or another. If we make an effort to stop and listen in order to truly understand the other we may still not agree but we can sympathize and love the other for there true nature. That is child of God, because if Jesus can love you for who you are and how you are with all of your sins and good deeds you have lived in this year can we not extended that same mercy to others who are like us trying to make our way through this unforgiving world to find the love of a merciful Lord. So tonight at your new years party go find the person you normally avoid and only ask them questions and do not respond with advise or opinion just kindness. You may just find if you truly listen, not listen to respond but listen to understand, that we are not all that different. We are just all lost children trying our best to find our way. So for this year I say patience,gentleness and kindness because understanding is better then winning. 
Happy New Year and The blessings of the child Jesus be with you

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