Sunday, June 21, 2015

What happens when you want to blog and you do not have Internet?

Answer: Nothing

Yep even though you have a great desire to blog you are unable to and you must wait until you can finally have internet again.

Praise You Jesus for the little internet that we have today! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to share about our time here in Caspizapa.

We have been busy these past few weeks! God has been so good about making sure we always have something to do. There have been many nights when we hit our pillows at the end of the day utterly exhausted! What a wonderful blessing!

When we first moved to Caspizapa our only ministry was with the children everyday from 3-5. That ministry was such a blessing for our family. The children have been so patient with us as we continue to learn the language. They are always so eager to hear what we have to say and they are always the first ones to greet us every morning.

God has started expanding our ministries in Caspizapa and to other pueblos as well. After Taylor's debate with the Jehovah's the youth group here asked us to start a Bible Study for them. We were surprised that they would want us to lead it since we are still struggling with the language but God has given us the gift of tongues when we need it.

Word of the Bible Study spread to the other pueblos we serve and now Taylor goes to Nuevo Egipto on Wednesday nights to lead a Bible Study for four of the pueblos.

We have since felt a calling to share God's love letters with the adults in our community. We have now started an adult Bible Study for our community. Last night was the first one and we had a good turn out. We are praying for God's guidance so we know where He wants us to share with the adults.

Last Monday I was asked to be the godmother for a five month old baby that will be baptized. What an honor that they asked me a total stranger to be their son's godmother. The boy's father and mother want to have their marriage blessed. Marta has asked Taylor and I to help the couple prepare for it.

There has also been a few other adults interested in being baptized in our community. We are preparing them to be baptized and to receive the other sacraments. It is so exciting to be a part of this!

Since diving into catechesis we have found that many of the people in our pueblos have not been baptized. We come to you now to pray for them. Please pray that we will be able to stress the importance and need of baptism. Please pray that the people will be open to God stirring in their hearts and that they will have a desire to be with Him!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Marta and me

What a blessed day! This morning I spent a couple hours visiting with the sick in our community. I was stopped on the street while going to a my first house by an elderly man. He made sure to tell me that Peruvians are not Spanish aka from Spain and that I need to be talking Castellano. I kindly explained that I was from Los Estados Unidos and not Espana. I also explained that I studied Castellano en Trujillo. He was very happy to hear that and then invited me to his house. I kindly declined since I hadn't made it to a home visit yet. Once he realized that he interrupted me from visiting with the enter so he apologized. Our town animador was laughing as all of this took place. Of course she enjoyed watching me struggle to find the right words.

 The next couple hours were so blessed during my visits. Today was the first time where I shared the word from my Bible. I shared what the Spirit led me to. Praise You Lord for sending Your Spirit. I struggled at times with my Castellano but no one seemed to mind.

 During our visits I was able to witness the love that our animador Marta has for Jesus. She was not afraid to tell everyone we spoke with today that they need to receive the sacraments especially baptism. She passionately defended the teaching on baptism and called all, both young and old, to receive baptism. She desperately desires everyone to receive the sacraments however the people do not see the urgency or necessity in receiving the sacraments.

 Please continue to pray for us as we try to show the people the importance of the sacraments and why they should be excited for them! Please pray for the youth group of Caizapa as we begin to prepare them to receive their sacraments. Please pray that God will continue to "light a fire" in our community!