Thursday, March 19, 2015


Well we have been in Peru for two weeks now. It has been both wonderful and challenging at times mostly because we don't know the language. We have fallen in love with Picota and the people. We see that there is a great need here and are blessed to have been called to serve the people.
Here we are at a home visit with this elderly woman. Three generations of single mothers live in this home.

Picota and the outlying pueblos are in need of the Theology of the Body. We have learned that over 75% of the population is under 24 years of age. In some of the pueblos the percentage is much higher. This stems from first and foremost the lack of knowledge of Christ. Christ is who we are all called to love and it is His love that we are in search of. Often times this is sadly misunderstood and instead of His love people try to substitute Him for the love of others or self. 

We met this fifteen year old girl while visiting her abuela, grandmother, when we were told that she is pregnant and expecting her first child.

We have found that most of the children having children are living in broken homes without a father. This is very evident throughout Picota. We visited three homes last week and two of them were shared amongst three generations of single mothers. It is sad to think that these young girls have no father in their life, but what is even more sad is that they do not know their true Father. They do not know that He is with them and cares deeply for them; so much so, as to send His son to die for them. 

Calampa fixing the roof on the chapel at the Pastoral Center.

But there is hope! Jesus is alive here!!!
The people here are open to the Good News and are starving for it. Upon hearing God's Word there is a change in them. They want to live for Him and to change their ways. This is evident in the life of a couple we met. The woman was a teenager when she became pregnant with a child. It was not long after they found Christ a few years later that they became married in the Church. 

Padre Paco teaching the children with Faustina in his arms.

I come to you now to beg for prayers. Please pray for the people of Picota, Peru. They are in desperate need of God. I know that through your prayers and sacrifices God will hear your pleas and answer the needs of His children here. Please pray for modesty and chastity. Please pray for a love of God that burns in the hearts of the young and the old. Please pray that we will be open to what God is leading us to do for the people here. Please pray for the continued holiness of Padre Leopoldo and Padre Paco. I also ask that you pray for the Sisters that serve here that they may continue to serve God and that their order will continue to grow. 

Padre Paco and the Sisters at the future site of a boarding school for girls. This is one way they are trying to change the situation for young girls.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Picota, Peru

Picota Peru is a territory diocese of Moyobamba. The territorial diocese of Picota is currently served by Padre Leopoldo and Padre Paco. Both are missionary priests from Cordoba Spain. This is simply amazing to me that they cover this whole area by themselves. They are such amazing priests.

The city of Picota has a population of roughly 8,000 people. Can you imagine having one parish in a town that size? The things that these priests have done in this city alone is a miracle. The picture above was taken during the weekly Thursday Holy Hour. Yes the parish is packed and yes everyone is on their knees. The church is filled every weekend and throughout the week for weekly mass. It is so amazing to hear the whole parish singing. Every person sings which brings tears to my eyes. The Sisters have also started a children's choir. This choir sings so beautifully. It is so amazing to see five rows of children praising Jesus every night for mass!

What is even more amazing is that these priests serve over 100 other pueblos. Yes you heard that right, these priests are also serving more areas as week. It is common to see one priest go out the door heading south while the other is heading north. We have been blessed to go with the priests to one of these pueblos. It was an hour drive on a very bumpy road. Praise the Lord that Taylor knows how to drive stick shift. 

Some of the pueblos the priests are only able to go to once or twice a year due to the distance. Other pueblos are visited monthly. 

Padre Leopoldo and Padre Paco have been very welcoming to us. They are excited that we are able to help them with this enormous task. 

The task before them is great but that doesn't bother them. They know they are building the kingdom and that is all that they need. 

The love the people have for the priests is wonderful. They are so happy to have them hear bringing them Jesus!!!!