Saturday, April 22, 2017

"Daughter, your faith has saved you." Update

Taylor had the opportunity to head back up to the communities of the Bombonajillo Valley at the end of March. The journey to get there was exhausting, muddy and long. A trip which normally only takes five hours ended up lasting over nine hours. When Taylor and our friend arrived to Nuevo Chanchomayo they were both caked in mud, exhausted and a little beaten up.

After a good night's sleep Taylor was ready to visit the neighboring communities. He was excited to walk the hour and a half to Primavera to visit Isabel. It had been month's due to his health issues since he had last seen her.

When Taylor arrived in Primavera he found Isabel in her house. As soon as he entered she was so overjoyed to see him. Isabel confessed that the nighht before she told her husband that her friend the missionary were going to visit her in the morning and here he was. No one knew that Taylor was travelling to Nuevo Chanchomayo. The Holy Spirit Isabel to receive Taylor though.

Isabel felt the Lord asking her to share her testimony with Taylor during this visit. Isabel was baptized Catholic but did not grow up in the faith. When she married her husband she left the catholic faith and joined her husband's religion. When she became sick their church community abandoned them. They told her it was because of her sins that she became sick. No one came to visit or to help. She was left to suffer alone. Until last year.

Isabel was reintroduced to the Catholic Church through Taylor's visits. She was given a Bible and she was shown love, compassion and mercy whenever Taylor visited. It was inbetween these visits when God talked to her. He started to call her back to the church. She had conflicting emotions about following this call because her whole life she was told untrue statements about the Catholic Church but here was a Catholic missionary living the Bible. Here he was showing the true love of Christ. Praying with her, visiting her, sharing the word with her and being a true friend to her.

She confessed to Taylor all of these thoughts and at the end asked if she could come back to the church. Taylor joyously said yes. Isabel then started asking him questions about the faith and what it means to be Catholic. Taylor answered all of her questions and she reaffirmed she wanted to come back to the church.

At the end of the visit she asked Taylor to teach her a hymn to sing to God since she did not know any catholic songs. Taylor explained most of the hymns we sing in Peru are used by other denominations as well so she probably already knows a catholic song. He asked her to sing her favorite one. As she opened her mouth Taylor described she had an angelic voice and he was so touched by her song. It was not until after she had completed singing that he realized he did not tape it. He reassured her the song was also catholic and she could continue singing it.

As Taylor prepared to leave he informed Isabel he would not be returning until September when we return to Peru. In the time he is away he encouraged her to continue to praise God through her singing, to pray daily and to continue reading the Bible.

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  1. A lesson that everything happens for a reason Taylor's visit marked Isabel journey to salvation an indication that God works in miraculous ways such a good read.