Monday, May 2, 2016

Bigger Plans

We wanted to share the slideshow we put together for our friends who came to visit us in february. An amazing group of ten came from Holy Family Parish in Brillion WI to share in our mission. They came to build two churches but God had bigger plans. 

When our group arrived the heat overwhelmed them just as it did to us when we arrived in Peru. The heat sucks the life out of you especially when you come from snow to our 100+ temperatures. I guess the best way to imagine the heat is think about a visit to a sauna. What do you do in one? There really isn't anything you can do. In a sauna you just sit back an rest, well here we worked hard.

The amazing ten people who joined us for two weeks in February worked through the sweltering heat to tear down one building, dig the footings for two churches, carried buckets of water out of the canal so they could mix cement, created the frames with rebar for the columns, and pouring cement using wheelbarrows.

All of this sounds like fun doesn't it? Well as exhausting as it was God worked on all of us through this experience. God used this time to speak to each of us. He spoke to us through the people we met and the work we did. He challenged us to make changes in our lives and encouraged us to continue on the way to Him.

Who would have thought that God would have used this mission trip to not only change the lives of the people we had come to serve but also ours at the same time?


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