Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Missionaries and McDonalds

By our baptism we are all called to be missionary. This is not just a light suggestion given to us by Christ but a mandate. Set forth for all Christians through all generations. "Go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit" Matthew 28:19.  

Many have said to us that "it is good that you are following God's call to be missionaries because I could never do that." To the extent that we are foreign missionaries where we leave our families and possessions they are correct because not all are called to this. But the challenge comes since we have not yet left our home as we wait to go to Peru and we try to figure out how to be missionaries here in the United States. We resolved to simply live out our faith in Jesus Christ and His church in a bold way in our everyday life. So that even here in McDonald's in the United States we stand out and make people ask out of curiosity what we do. In which time we share our faith and how we live out the gospels in our life each and everyday. Thus being missionaries right here in our own country in our own homes. Showing that it is possible for every Christian to be missionary if we truly live out the Gospel message each and every day and swim against the tide of the society around us by boldly deciding to be different. We boldly decide each and every day to be Christ to those around us. That is how we are missionary each and every day. By not being afraid to pray in public. By not being afraid to praise the Lord out loud in conversation. By not being afraid to show kindness to those in need by stepping out of our routine to help those around us. 

So you see friends that you too can be missionaries in McDonalds! You too can serve Christ right where you are!

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