Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Knock Knock Who's There?

" And O tell you, ask, and it will be given to you, seek, and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For every one who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened." Luke 11:9-10

God has once again answered our prayers. Again He has shown that He is a Real God who does Real Things for Real People in the Real World.

As Intake began we were encouraged to pray for everything we would need in our mission before we knew where we were being sent. As a family we made an effort to pray daily for our future needs. We prayed that God would prepare a home for us in a safe neighborhood and amongst the poor. We prayed for an apostolate in our mission as well as a helper for me. We prayed for a good school for the children and for family and friends for our family. We asked God to bless the religious we were going to be serving with especially for their holiness and patience. Once we found out that we were heading to Picota, Peru our prayers changed slightly to include specifics about our post. We started to pray for Padre Leopoldo and Padre Paco personally. We also asked God to bless us with the gift of Spanish.

God showed us that He had heard all of our prayers once we arrived in Picota. Within the first three days of our arrival God had shown us answers To all of these prayers.

The people of Picota are deeply in love with God. This is evident in their reverence during mass and also during the weekly Holy Hour. We were blessed to be able to witness the love of the people. Praise Jesus for preparing the people's hearts Lord to receive you. Lord may their witness bring us closer to you!
Padre Paco and Thursday Holy Hour

Ruth's first friend
We have been blessed with a beautiful home. We are living at the retreat center. We share the home with the caretakers of the retreat center; Calampa and Mirabel. We have two small rooms that are our own and we share the common areas. Our house is located in one of the poorer neighborhoods on the edge of town. I have been blessed by hiring Mirabel as my helper. She is wonderful. She is so helpful and patient with our lack of Spanish. The children have made friends with the local children. Ruth has joined the choir and has fallen in love with the sister who leads it. The kids start school on Monday. In Peru they teach religion in school. Taylor and I are becoming friends with clamp and Mirabel. I have a feeling once we learn Spanish it will be easier to carry on a conversation. God placed an apostolate two doors down from our house. There is a medical dispensary run by the sisters  there and it turns out we don't need to speak a lot of Spanish to help out. Praise God!We also have a chapel with our Lord Jesus Christ in the tabernacle. This is such a blessing to have Jesus in our home. We are able to sit with Him at anytime during the day.
Motocarts are our way to get around

              Mirabel and Faustina after a bath                                                                    

Padre Leopoldo and Padre Paco are amazing holy priests. Their patience for our lack of Spanish is amazing. They take so much time trying to explain things to us. They have also started to incorporate english words into sentences when talking to us. They are amazing with the children and absolutely love Faustina and Adele. On our second day here we were blessed with meeting the Bishop. He stopped in for dinner to meet us. It was such a surprise but amazing. After dinner he invited us to visit him in Moyobamba. All of us can't wait to schedule the meeting!

Meeting the Bishop
Taylor and I have been struggling with finding a language school. We were finding it difficult since we have six children and classes are only offered in the morning meaning one of us could only attend.  We felt that both of us would need to learn Spanish but had no idea how it was going to happen until we arrived here. Padre Leopoldo found a person who teaches Spanish living in Picota. This woman offered to come to our house while the older children are in school to teach Taylor and I three days a week. Praise you Lord Jesus for your generosity. Our classes will start in two weeks! God is so good!

The parish "Our Lady of Perpetual Help"

We are so blessed to be here. We have fallen in love with the people and are excited to see what God has in store for us here. I can't wait to share more about the people and the mission field in our next blog post. Thank you for your prayers!! God Bless~Katie

                                                                        Daily Mass

 We have a coco tree in our yard                                Bridge from Tarapoto to Picota

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  1. The babies are so cute. SO wonderful to hear how God is taking care of you in learning spanish and hiring a helper. That wonderful that you got to meet the!!!