Sunday, January 18, 2015

What an amazing week. We were blessed with so many opportunities to be with our fellow missionaries. This was something we really missed while everyone had gone home for Christmas. As we have said in previous posts, we have been truly blessed to journey with each and everyone of you! You have challenged us and helped us grow closer to Christ. Thank you for journeying with us. We will be praying for you. God bless you!!!

We were so blessed to have our friends, Andy and Christel Schmidt and family, travel to Abbeville for the baptism of our daughters. We are so honored that they said yes to be godparents for Faustina. The few short days that they were in town were amazing. Taylor and Andy were blessed with an amazing duck hunt with Judge Edwards. They were able to see 1,000 ducks some of which they brought home to eat. God also blessed them with an amazing hunting dog that belonged to no one in their group. As they were preparing to be brought out to the blind they were going to be hunting in, the dog jumped into the boat. The three of them assumed the dog belonged to the boat driver and the boat driver assumed the dog belonged to one of them. When they were dropped off at the blind the dog got out and started running around but the guys thought the boat driver would call the dog when they were finished unloading. It wasn't until after the boat driver left that the three of them realized the dog was still there. The boat driver found out that the dog belonged to a doctor that was hunting in a different area after he returned. The doctor was very generous allowing Taylor, Andy, and Judge to hunt with her. The dog looked and worked exactly like Taylor's favorite hunting dog Jasmine. It was truly a wonderful blessing!

Faustina and Adele were baptized on January 11. They were blessed to be baptized on the feast of the Baptism of our Lord. We were so blessed that both sets of godparents were able to be there with us. The Schmidt's drove down from WI and the Bolle's were still in LA before heading out to the Philippines. We were so blessed that Father Nathan performed their baptism. And thanks to technology family back home were able to witness the baptisms as well.~Katie

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  1. Welcome to God's family Faustina and Adele. May God bless and keep you both in His grace forever. Papa and Nana love you, and also your big brothers and sister.