Monday, December 8, 2014

Visitors from ...

This week we were blessed with two wonderful visitors from Wisconsin. Mom and Anna came down to visit. It was so wonderful that they were able to experience missionary life with us. 

The kids have absolutely loved the time they have been able to spend with them. Needless to say every waking second has been filled with lots of hugs and kisses for Mom and Anna. 

Taylor and I feel so blessed to have them here with us. We hope that these five days have helped them see and understand what missionary life is and why it is so necessary. We also hope that they have been able to see the God has called us to this life.

It has been such a blessing to have them here since we will not be going home for Christmas being that the twins are due soon.

It was amazing that they were able to bring Christmas to us. The kids were so excited to be able to open their gifts and we were so blessed to tape the whole thing for the family back home that was unable to come. 

The only thing the kids wish that Mom would have brought was Dad. Too bad he couldn't get off of work. The kids have been blessed to talk with Grandpa though, and they haven't forgotten how to tease him. 

This Saturday marked our last Saturday of Intake. How sad! I can't believe we are almost done with training. Even though it was our last Saturday I would say it was so much fun. We had the first FMC Warrior Dash. Needless to say I didn't participate but Anna was more than happy to take my spot in the race. 

Everyone had a blast running the obstacle course. It looked like fun. If I wasn't pregnant I definitely would have participated. What a great way to finish Intake!

Intake 2014


  1. Yay for visitors!!!! Great family pic.

  2. So glad to see you are all doing so well. Can you please email me an address so I can send you the DVD. God continue to bless you. Love you.