Sunday, November 23, 2014

What do you get when you add warm weather, rain, and kids?

Muddy Kids!

Today was a beautiful sunny Sunday. It was 71 today. After mass the children were so excited to hear that they could go play in the mud. Last night it rained so there were plenty of mud puddles to find. They had so much fun helping each other smear mud on themselves. As you can tell from the pictures  everyone was enjoying themselves. Once the kids were clean we continued our fun day with a pajama party that included a movie and popcorn. Needless to say I think they really enjoyed the day. If I could have joined in on the festivities I am sure I would have had just as much fun. 

We were also blessed with a beautiful week. Last Sunday we went to mass at the cathedral in Lafayette. While there we saw five sisters of the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Theresa's order. The kids were super excited to see them at mass. When mass was over the sisters were so kind to take the time to answer all of the questions Malachi and Ruth had. They were excited to hear that we are catholic missionaries and that we are heading to Peru. They have a house in Peru. The sisters gave each of the kids miraculous medals and Mother Theresa medals. They have worn them everyday. 

Monday and Tuesday brought a Life in the Spirit seminar that was led by Mr. Frank and Ms. Genie. We were so blessed by the seminar and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Joseph for also giving us the opportunity to participate in one!

On Wednesday we were blessed by Boy Scout Troop 85 from Abbeville. They supplied us with a Thanksgiving meal. They were looking for another family to donate a meal to and a fellow missionary mentioned that our family was the only family that couldn't travel to Mexico to celebrate with everyone so the troop decided to bless us with a Thanksgiving meal. God truly takes care of us! 

Wednesday also brought a miracle for Shep, the dog pictured below. In the morning he was running around and acting normal but by the afternoon he was very sluggish. By the evening he was shaking and couldn't get up. We were all very concerned for him. We didn't know what he had gotten into or had eaten. There was no way to find out what was wrong with him. He was given everything that he could have received. It wasn't looking good for Shep. Shep was prayed over that evening and on Thursday morning he was back to his normal self. It was a miracle. We all thought he wasn't going to make it but the Lord answered our prayers that Shep's health would be returned to him. Praise God!

On Thursday we were blessed once again to visit the nursing home. We are so blessed to be able to pray the rosary with the residents on Thursday mornings. Taylor played a few songs on his guitar for them before we headed off to our home visits. 

We were able to visit with Mr. Earl again this week. The kids absolutely love him. They can't wait to visit him. It is the highlight for the week. They love it when he rhymes all of his sentences for them. Each week Taylor and I are blessed to speak with Mr. Earl. He always has a lesson to teach us.

This week we were also given the opportunity to meet Dawn and Diella. (Please forgive my spelling of Diella's name. I'm not quite sure how it is spelt.) Sidney brought us to spend time with them since the Klein's have been in General Cepeda for two weeks. Anthony loved Dawn. He fell asleep in her arms. At one point the two of them were asleep on the couch next to me. It was so cute. We were so blessed to share our testimony with them and to just listen to their stories. Dawn even showed us her trophy and medals from horseback riding. She also brought out her cowboy boats to show the kids since they were all wearing theirs. They were happy to have us visit but you could tell that they missed the Klein's. They can't wait until they come back.

We had another great day on Friday. Father Carville celebrated mass for us at Big Woods and we were given the opportunity to host him for lunch. It was so nice to speak with him and to hear his call to the priesthood and how he came to find himself going on short term missions. We were also blessed with our Mission of the Redeemer lunch study. That evening Taylor gave a talk to 10-13 year old boys about prayer and God's word. Malachi, Ruth, and Leo were able to enjoy a campfire with the   families while Anthony and I snuggled and watched Cars. 

Saturday was a relaxing and beautiful day. We went to a farmer's market and were able to witness there. The kids and Taylor enjoyed playing soccer at the park while i sat on a blanket and watched. Taylor picked up the movie God's Not Dead for us to watch. I want to encourage everyone who hasn't seen the movie to do so. We both found it absolutely amazing! 

We pray that everyone has a great week! 

God Bless~Katie

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  1. Sounds like a blessed jam packed week. So glad your thanksgiving dinner was taken care of. Playing in the mud looks so fun. Awesome that u got to meet some missionaries of charity.