Monday, November 3, 2014

Proclaim 2014

This week our efforts were focused on the Proclaim conference. It was a catholic missionary conference. We were so blessed to be able to be a small part of it. We were able to speak with people from 15 different states and a few other countries about missions. It was such a blessing. At the end of the conference Bishop Sam Jacobs asked those who were discerning missions to come up to receive a special blessing. I was brought to tears by the number of people who stood up for it. Praise God! 
I was so blessed to be assigned to work the vendor table this weekend. It gave me many opportunities to speak with those people in attendance. I met a couple from Minnesota who had twin daughters. The feel that God is calling them to missions. I want to ask that you pray for Danielle and Vincent as they continue to discern God's call. That if He is calling them to missions He will make it abundantly known to them as He has done to so many of us that this is where He is calling them. 

Our kids were blessed with the opportunity to meet some friars at the conference. This was such a blessing for the boys. They had never had the opportunity to speak with a friar before. Malachi asked them many questions, but Leo's only question was "Are you the real Brother Francis?" For those of you who do not know, Brother Francis is a cartoon movies series that teaches catholic catechesis to children. Leo absolutely loves them. He can sing the opening song by heart and he knows most of the movies by heart as well. This series has really helped bring the catholic faith alive to our children. I encourage everyone to take a look at the series. Now back to the friars, Brother Francis told Leo that he wasn't Saint Francis and Leo said he knew that. He just wanted to know if he was the real Brother Francis. He even started singing the opening song hoping that would help. The friar said no so Leo just walked away. Taylor had to explain what Brother Francis was and why it was such a big deal for Leo. Thank you Father Peter, Brother Francis, and Brother Pio for taking the time to talk to our children!

The kids with Brother Francis (kneeling) and Brother Pio


  1. Thank you SO much for your prayers!! It was such a joy to meet you at Proclaim and we will be keeping you in our prayers as well!
    Danielle and Vince