Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekly update

We had another blessed week this week. Taylor and I had talks to prepare and give. Taylor's was on service and mine was on prayer. Next week I will be giving a talk on the church's stance on abortion. Please pray that it will come together and I will be coherent when giving my talk. I have a feeling I will end up crying at some point during it if not during the whole thing. 

The kids had a great week. The played outside a lot and they learned about Ecuador during school. Malachi and Ruth loved eating the cooked plantains. Leo loved learning the letter L and Anthony learned how to pray The Divine Mercy Chaplet by himself. Yep, he led us in a decade by himself. It was so cute. I think we now know what his favorite prayer is. 

On Thursday we were blessed to be able to visit the nursing home again. This week Taylor brought his guitar to play. He led two songs during mass. We have been blessed to go to the nursing home with another family from Intake, the Schumann's. Below are two pictures from our nursing home visit. Natalia Shumann is singing with Ruth and Taylor. 

Please continue to pray for our family. 

If you feel called to help support us in missions please visit our Family Missions Company page to donate. 

God Bless!!!!~ Katie

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  1. Nice job Anthony!!! I didn't know Taylor played guitar, nice! I will pray for your upcoming talks. Wish I could have heard the ones from last week!