Sunday, October 5, 2014

We are so blessed

 What an amazing week. We were truly blessed this week. We had so many opportunities where the Lord spoke to us and showed us His great glory! He is in everything including the little things. He gave us an opportunity to see Him in the people at the nursing home. We have been blessed to be able to visit with them every Thursday. We are able to see Him in the countless opportunities He gives us daily to serve those who are participating in Intake with us. We are able to see God in and through our children. God often speaks through them. We just have to take time to sit and listen. We are able to see Him in the weather. Through the heavy rains that are followed by glorious sunshine. We were so blessed by Him yesterday when He gave us a breezy cool day. The Lord is so good! Jesus thank you for these opportunities and thank you Jesus for calling us to foreign missions!!

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