Sunday, October 26, 2014

Warm weather, assignments, and prayer request

What an exciting week. We were blessed with beautiful weather again. It is so weird to walk outside everyday to 70 and 80 degree weather at the end of October. The leaves are still green and on the trees. We have been blessed with some 60 degree mornings. Perfect weather. It is so funny to watch everyone from warm weather states on these mornings. They are all wearing long pants and sweatshirts. As you can guess we are in our shorts. Yep we are from WI and at this temperature it is a heat wave. 

Our teaching workshop was great this week. One of our assignments was to choose any verse or verses from the bible and then give a ten minute teaching on it. It was so exciting to hear everyones choice. Taylor did his teaching on Matthew 7: 25-34 and I did my teaching on John 15:12-13. Taylor's teaching was great and his focus on verse 33 was beautiful. My focus was on how if we love as Jesus loved we would die of ourselves and serve others in all that we do. 

This week we were blessed again to visit the nursing home on Thursday. What a beautiful morning visiting with the ladies that were at the morning rosary. We also had the privilege of visiting with Mr. Earl again. He took the time to teach us about Mary. What a wonderful visit. We are hoping that we will be able to visit with him again this upcoming week. 

We only have a few more weeks until we find out where we will be going. Please pray that God prepares the hearts of those we will be serving. Please pray that He will prepare a home for us.~ Katie

Thanks Natalia for the picture. As you can tell I am getting much bigger. Not to much longer until we get to meet the twins. 

We had an archery competition. Everyone had to make their bows and arrows. The kids loved it and I mean all of the kids. 

Taylor playing his guitar for children's prayer.

Leo joining in on the music!

Ruth received these glasses at school. She absolutely loves them. She took off the nose and she wears them everywhere. Too funny.

Who doesn't take their light saber in the pool?

Malachi's first selfie.


  1. Cute kiddos. Both of your talks sound amazing. Wow, soon you will find out your assignment!!!! Exciting.

  2. Wonderful pictures Happy Birthday