Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kids Prayer, Mr. Earl, and WI cheese

This week we had two wonderful opportunities. The first opportunity took place on Tuesday Morning. Our team was asked to lead kids prayer. Every morning we have prayer time either together in community or with our families. On Tuesday's mornings we have community prayer. It is during this time that all of the kids go to have separate prayer. The teams are then tasked with coming up with the theme and leading the kids in prayer. We decided to teach the children about the Divine Mercy Chaplet. We led the kids in an opening song and then afterward one of our other teammates explained to the children what the Divine Mercy Chaplet is and where it came from. After answering a few questions it was time to lead the children in the prayer. Each child was asked to pray for a specific intention and to lead one prayer. The kids did very well. The highlight for the children was when we gave each one of them a Divine Mercy prayer card.

 On Thursday's we visit the nursing home to pray the rosary and to participate in the communion service. This Thursday we were blessed with the opportunity to meet Mr. Earl after the nursing home.  Mr. Earl is 92 years old. Taylor and I had guessed he was 75. So we were a little off. Mr. Earl exudes Jesus. He helps all the other people living in the assisted living facility whenever he can. He visits the residents at the nursing home next to his building. He has such a beautiful smile. Mr. Earl has a knack for rhyming and a wonderful sense of humor. His love for Jesus is so beautiful. He lives to serve others. I can say that Mr. Earl is truly a missionary.

We received some care packages this week. It was wonderful to receive some gifts from home. On Monday we received a package from Anna and Monika. It contained some cheese curds, hot dogs and sausage, and some big UBI shirts from Kelly Heimke. I really needed the shirts since my tummy is super big and I am no longer able to fit in the shirts I brought down with me. On Friday we received a care package from Christel Schmidt. It was full of cheese for the Bolle's and us. What a wonderful surprise!!! Everyone here was making fun of us because we were so excited to receive cheese. They didn't understand why we missed it so much. That all changed later that evening. We had a cheese party after praise and worship. What a great party. Cheese, apples, crackers, grape juice, and great company. It was almost like the ones we had back home. After sampling the cheeses everyone could understand why we missed WI cheese so much. It is so delicious!!!

We are so blessed to have so many wonderful missionary opportunities during the week. We are also blessed for having such amazing family and friends for sending us cheese. ~ Katie


  1. yay for care packages and cheese! I didn't realize how much I love cheese, until I moved away from beautiful that you were able to teach the kids the Divine Mercy chaplet. Mr Earl sounds like someone I want to be when I grow up.

  2. We are inspired by you and are enjoying your blog! Wondering what your mailing address is...
    Jerry & Tammy Barta