Sunday, September 21, 2014

We've made it!

We have made it to Big Woods! We had a great drive down.

We are missing all of you and are praying for you!

Our first week has been a little rough trying to adjust to the schedule and to adjust the kids nap times. 

The kids are loving the warm weather and trying to catch lizards and tree frogs. Each day they have at least one new one that they want to keep. They are also having a great time with all of the other children. Currently there are sixteen kids in Intake. Needless to say there is always someone to play with.

Our classes have started and yes we have homework. Currently we have one assignment due on Wednesday. Now we just have to make time to get it completed before Tuesday evening.

The weather has been very warm. It has been in the lower 90's since we have arrived. We have only had one day of rain. Unfortunately the rain didn't cool the temperature down. We are definitely missing the cool nights.

This morning I, Katie, had a run in with a gecko and a tree frog. I was getting ready for mass and pulled my dress out of the closet. A gecko was attached to my dress. I called for Taylor to take it off and the kids were super excited for a new pet. Once we were ready we loaded into the vehicle to head to mass. Taylor opened his door and a large tree frog landed on my arm. I screamed very loud. Thankfully we didn't have to sing at mass today because my throat was hoarse. 

Please continue to pray for us! We are still in need of your prayers. Please pray that we are able to continue to follow God's path and that we are able to raise the funds needed to support our mission.~Katie


  1. I love this! Thanks for the update and the pictures!!!

  2. Prayers, prayers prayers! Oh my, sounds like a crazy morning, yikes! I had a spider land on my last week....not fun! God bless your children as they adjust.