Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 2 is now complete

We just finished our second week of Intake. Things picked up this past week. In one of our classes Taylor and I had to give our personal testimonies. I do not enjoy speaking in front of large groups about myself but I was able to get through my testimony with only a few tears. Now onto our next assignment. Taylor has to give a talk about God's love and I am giving one on Jesus Christ this week. Please pray for us as we put the final touches on the talks.

My belly is getting huge as the weeks progress. I feel like I am nine months pregnant and I still have three months to go. I have a feeling that none of the clothes I brought will actually fit me at the end of the pregnancy.

The pictures I am including in this week's blog were taken by Malachi. He has his own camera and he is turning into a little photographer. We hope you enjoy his pictures. ~Katie

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