Friday, September 12, 2014

Thank you and The start of our new adventure!

We just want to thank everyone for the continuing prayers. Your prayers have strengthened us and have helped continue us on our path to following God’s will.

Thank you for the incredible send off last night. It was so wonderful to see and speak to all of you. Although we are incredibly excited for this new adventure, we will miss each and everyone one of you; especially our family, our friends at Holy Family Parish, the Saturday morning Esto Vir men’s group, and our Monday night bible study but as my Aunt Rhonda put it “It is not good-bye, but see you later!” Until later comes we will pray that you will grow in your love and trust for Jesus Christ. 

We are currently on our way to Abbeville Louisiana. We should be arriving at Family Missions Company later this evening. The weather has slowly been increasing. When we left at 3:00am this morning it was 48º. Currently we are driving through Mississippi and it is now 73º. The children are doing great. They are so excited to be missionaries. ~ Taylor and Katie Schmidt

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  1. Love this! Going to miss you guys knowing I won't see you again for a year or two!!!
    Praying for everyone!