Monday, September 8, 2014

Final weekend home

What a wonderful final weekend home. We were able to spend it with the ones we love and two of our children received their First Communion.

Malachi received his first suit coat as a gift First Communion. He wants to look his best for Jesus!
    Ruth wore the dress that her grandmother wore for her First Communion. This dress was also worn by Ruth's great- aunts, her god-mother, and Ruth's aunts.

Schmidt Family- We love you all! We will be praying for you!!

We want to thank all of our family and friends for their support! Thank you for helping us pack up and for praying for us daily! 

We want to thank everyone who came to our auction. Thank you for supporting our mission. Please pray for us!

We are still looking for mission partners to help support our mission. Please pray about supporting us and if you feel called to donate to our mission please follow the link below to our mission page. You will then be able to make a one time or monthly tax deductible donation. 

Thank you for your support!!! ~ Katie

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  1. What a beautiful family. Your kiddos must have been so excited.