Sunday, September 21, 2014

Be The Bacon

Many people have asked me, Katie, why our family is doing this. Why are we selling all that we have to become full time foreign missionaries? The answer: God has called our family. He has asked us to give Him everything, to follow where He is leading.

This week during Intake we were given the perfect analogy~ Be The Bacon. Think about a breakfast that consists of milk, eggs, and bacon. A cow, a chicken, and a pig all contribute to the breakfast. Both the cow and chicken give what they produce; however, the pig gives its life for bacon. That is what God is calling us to do. He is asking us to give our lives to Him. Give everything we have no matter the cost. “Be The Bacon” Is He asking this of you?


  1. what a beautiful analogy. Mike loves anything that relates to bacon so I will have to share this analogy with him. Your family is truly making a beautiful sacrifce!

  2. That's an awesome analogy! You guys are definitely the bacon. Love you

  3. May God bless you during this beautiful act of pure faith. Your journey is sure to be fruitful, as you are walking the path paved for you by Christ. Your family is in our prayers! 'Jesus I trust in You!'