Wednesday, August 27, 2014


With just over two weeks until Intake begins we should really be freaking out but in all honesty that isn't happening. There is just peace. Mind you there are moments of panic that creep in but the unsurmountable amount of peace we have is by the grace of God. The excitement is building for this new chapter in our lives.

Today I have to go through all of the things we have because tonight the auctioneers are coming to set up for our auction that will be taking place on September 4th. I have to make sure the few items we are keeping are in totes labeled "keep" so they don't accidentally end up on the auction tables. It seems like it should be such daunting task. It isn't today. I am so excited. It means we are one step closer to Intake. One step closer to going where God is leading us. How can you not feel peace at a time like this?

Lord I ask that Your peace may fill all of us preparing for Intake. May we see You in all that we do. May we feel Your joy and may we bring Your light to all of the world!

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  1. Praise God for your peace. What a comfort to know that you are in the midst of God's will for your family, despite all the change and unknowns.