Monday, July 14, 2014

Big Woods Stop before heading to General Cepeda

Yesterday we made it to Big Woods. What a joy to be back! It was definitely a little hotter than last time but it was great to be back. 

The goats arrived safely to their new home. It was a long day of traveling but they have more food than they can imagine. Unloading the goats was very exciting for all of the young missionaries. The children enjoyed watching the goats examine their new home.

 This is the goats new herder. Shep looks like he can handle the goats. He wasn't quite sure what they were when we first arrived but he figured out quickly that they are fun to herd.
I just had to include two other pictures of Big Woods. For our friends going to the next Come and See I challenge you to find these items around Big Woods in August.

We just want to thank everyone for the wonderful welcome and for hosting lunch and dinner yesterday. It was wonderful to meet everyone and to hear everyone's call to missions.

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