Monday, April 14, 2014

Today we signed the papers to list our house. It was definitely a relief to have this done. It has been hard these last few weeks since returning home from Big Woods. Our initial reaction since returning home was to refrain from telling anyone since we still have a house payment to worry about. We have to tread lightly until the house sells. If Taylor would lose his job before it sells we would have no way of paying our mortgage since I am a stay at home mother. But God has been showing us that this is not the case. We just need to trust in Him. Don't get me wrong this doesn't mean that we can be careless with our words but if we feel God telling us to share our journey we will do just that. With each person God shows us that He has us and will not let us fall.

I guess in a way we have been silent about what is going on in our life. We have only shared that we will be leaving in September with a select few of our family and close friends but we are living our missionary call now as we all are called to. Living as a missionary here now is incredible. I was surprised by the joy that not only radiates out of Taylor and I but out of our children as well. A year ago I never thought that I would feel this joy but now I long to be the lantern for Christ's light to shine through. There have been days that the only prayer that comes off of my lips is that " May the glass of my lantern be clean so everyone may only see Your light Lord."

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  1. will be praying for you all! I am so awed at your family doing this, such willingness to serve and surrender to God's plan! What a witness!