Friday, April 11, 2014

 The responses we have gotten from the people we have told about where God has been calling us is amazing. Almost everyone that we have told have been incredibly supportive. In fact most of them have told us that they will pray for us and that they want updates throughout our journey. Being able to give them a copy of the SERVE winter newsletter has really helped break the ice. Everyone is super excited that they can keep it and look at it. Who would have thought that it would have that big of an impact on our friends? We have had a few friends commend us on living so simply and one had even mentioned how envious they were that we were leaving this world behind and doing it.

 Our children are so excited. They can't wait to live and be with the poor. Everyday it seems like they ask how much longer. Our third child, Leo, prays for the poor daily now. When I asked each of the kids why they wanted to be with the poor he immediately yelled "To teach them Jesus." It just melted my heart. At times I wondered if the younger two understand what is going on and here was my answer. Thank you Jesus for showing me that they do understand and that they also want to follow you!

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